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 BOOKS FOR TEENAGERS: the best of ...


1.  YOUR BROTHERS, WINNETOU, 1967   A look at the world of American Indian heros

2.  PIRATE KINGS AND KING´S PIRATES, 1968   Six novellas about the gallantry of rascalls

3.  PIRATE ADVENTURES, 1970    Romantic tales from naval history

4.  RINALDO RINALDINI, 1971   Lyrical fortunes of the famous bandolero captain

5.  WARRIOR IN A BULL´S  HIDE, 1981   Trials and tribulations of itinerant Slovak "tinkers" in the Caucasus region of Russia

6.   IF I HAD A RIFLE, 1969    Look at war through the eyes of boy

7.   IF I HAD A GIRL [FRIEND], 1974   Adventures of graduates shortly after WW2