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MISCELLANEOUS: the best of ...


1.  MAN AND BEES, 2001    Essays of Milan Ferko (a bee-keeper enthusiast) about bees and people

2.  A  ROYAL REVENGE, 2005    About political murders and mysterious deaths throughout history.

3. SVATOPLUK , 2013   Historical drama from Great Moravia 9th century, 3rd edition



with  new book issue  of the children book ŠALABINGO , second edition.

ANNIVERSARY PRESENTATIONS ON BRATISLAVA BOOK FAIR AND IN LITERATUE MAGAZINE SLOVAK VIEWS in Autumn 2019 /number 12 in December, four articles about Milan Ferko and with him self / and special program in Slovak Radio Broadcasting /DEVIN/ in March 202O.

- TV programs with Milan Ferkos films. In June Slovak movie                "If I had a gun" and in July 2020 TV productions St. Methodius & St.Konstantine, part one and two.

2021- March, TV program "On wiremakers path" in 4 parths in Slovak TV channel 3

2022- July, Art radio channel DEVIN broadcasted one hour program dedicated to memories of Milan FERKO´s acievements and memories by author Ľuba Šajdova.  2022- August, during first two weeks Slovak State RTVS TV 3 channel  broadcasts       a  four- parts dramatization of novel  from year 1980  WEDDING WITHOUT A BRIDE directed by Pavol HASPRA.