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 HISTORICAL NOVELS:  the best of ...


1.  THE THEFT OF ST. STEPHEN´S CROWN, 1970   A novel abour the turbulent events of  the 15th century

2.  [KING] SVATOPLUK  I.-III.     A novel in 3 parts about the Great Moravian Empire

3.  JÁNOŠÍK  I.-III.        A true picture of the legendary robber (similar to Robin Hood)

4.  BETWEEN A WOMAN AND ROME - MARCUS AURELIUS, 1980   A novel about Marcus Aurelius

5.   MATÚŠ ČÁK OF TRENČÍN, 1999    About the powerful 15th century ruler of Slovakia

6.  OLD SLOVAK LEGENDS, 1990   A collection of legends dating back to the 2nd century

7.  NEW SLOVAK LEGENDS, 1994     Retelling of more recent Slovak history

8.  THE MYSTERIES OF THE GREAT MORAVIAN EMPIRE, 1990    A book of historical essays about the Slovak Middle Ages